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Take Part in Great Casino Tournaments

Online betting houses are always coming up with ways to help you win some additional cash while still having a great time. As such, you'll find various promotions such as Casino Extreme tournaments on a regular basis. Basically, some casinos will offer more of these than others; however, they're all meant to keep the thrill going while providing a chance to win. Typically, a gambling site will offer tournaments on different games to cater to different gaming preferences and styles.

These promos are available for new and account holders and can be accessed via mobile casinos too. Basically, you'll find various kinds of tournaments thus you're able to choose which suits your gaming needs.


Casino Tournaments

Basically, these are forms of promotions where you're allowed to participate when you pay an entry fee. Essentially, participants are awarded credits, which they're supposed to use to take part in various games. Normally, in tournaments, you compete against other players and the house for a prize. Each game in the competition is allocated a certain period of time after which a winner is determined based on various factors.

It's important to keep in mind all gambling establishments make use of the same standards where the participant with the most wins, in the end, gets the prize. However, there are some rules that could change depending on the game or even contest.

Additionally, you'll come across tournaments meant for VIP or the high rollers. Typically, these are exclusively set aside for players that make big deposits or high wagers. Consequently, such play-offs will require higher stakes and their prizes are much bigger than the regular Casino Extreme tournaments.

How Casino Tourneys Work

Casino Extreme tournaments do not entail big wagers. Basically, there're small wagers made by different gamblers that add up to the total and final prize. As contestants continue to place their bets, fewer qualify for the next rounds and there can only be one winner at the end of each round. All the same, there are other few methods of determining a winner including:

  • The highest overall payout percentage.
  • The most money won.
  • Most cash won over 10 or 20 consecutive wins.
  • Highest payout percentage over 20 consecutive wins.

During the contests, you're able to monitor your performance on the leaderboard including your results, ranking, position and bonus prize.


Casino Extreme Options

Online gambling establishments treat you to a wide variety of promotions including tailor-made offers, bonus features and tourneys. All you have to do is create a real money account if you're new, pay the entry fee and have fun competing against other players. All tourney promos are available at the lobby thus you just have to choose the one that suits your requirements. The list is updated on a regular basis; therefore, you need to check back to catch the latest promotions.

Why Participate in these Events?

The best part of these tourneys is that you can cancel out the unlucky or bad hands as opposed to regular casino games. Moreover, unlike playing other games where you stake in on a single one, you get multiple chances.

Another advantage is the fact that you get more time to play your favorite game without additional charges. Basically, the contests are usually available for the top casino games such as slots, poker, roulette, blackjack and video poker games.


Types of Tournaments

There mainly three types of tourneys. The first one is called knockout tournaments where players are eliminated at every stage rather than waiting until the final round. The other kind is known as the prize pot, which is created from entry fees. Casinos also offer what is referred to as a fixed pot that guarantees you a prize before the entry. You could also opt to enter the free competitions, which are awarded by a game site as a promo or loyalty scheme.

Note that in some contests, especially poker, you're allowed what is known as buy-ins. This is where you can buy additional credits or chips when yours are depleted; this lets you carry on with the competition. However, note that the buy-ins come with a restriction so you should use them wisely.